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Java Jazz Festival 2019

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  • Event Start At March 01, 2019 — Until March 03, 2019

Once again, Molecool had the wonderful opportunity to become a sponsor at the 15th annual Java Jazz  Festival 2019 which ran from March 1st-3rd 2019, and since this year's JJF theme is Broadway, Molecool opted for a  very New York and theatre inspired concept for the booth to go with the theme; with towering skycrapers and lots of shining bright lights to complete the look.  Molecool provided free wifi all throughout the venue to make it convenient for visitors to  stay connected and updated on social media, making sure that they can share amazing moments of their favorite artist with their loved ones. To add more to the fun,  there was a Magic Mirror installed in Molecool's booth for visitors to take photos and decorate. Those with the best photos win a special prize from Molecool.  And for those who just need to sit, relax and charge their mobile devices were also able to do so at Molecool's booth, plus they get to enjoy the free wi-fi too!